Saturday, May 26, 2007

Eight Random Things

A few days ago, Woeful from @ the Library tagged me with the "random things" meme. So, here are eight random things about me.

1) I am currently watching "Dirty Dancing." My mother wouldn't let me see it when it first came out because it was PG-13 and I was only 10. When I watch it, I always have a slight thrill like I'm somehow getting something over on my mother.

2) I think the world would be a better place if people occasionally broke into synchronized dance routines or musical numbers.

3) On our first date, the man who is now my husband kicked my ass at Scrabble.

4) My cat snores loudly enough to wake me up.

5) New Orleans is my favorite city, and I would live there if I could even though it's hot, corrupt, and could sink into the Gulf of Mexico at any time.

6) I watch "Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle" two or three times per week.

7) I have a recurring dream where I'm trying to find something in a maze.

8) I have a strange obsession with helper monkeys.

I don't really know any other bloggers well enough to officially tag them, so if you want to play, consider yourself tagged!


Woeful said...

LOL... "Harold and Kumar" is excellent, and Neil Patrick Harris' performance makes it even more so!

Snarky Librarian said...

Did you know they're making a "Harold and Kumar" 2? Supposedly NPH will return!

Woeful said...

He goes wherever the wind may blow him :)

Anonymous said...

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