Saturday, June 23, 2007

ALA: Part One

I'm attending my very first ALA Annual Conference this year, and I've come to 2 conclusions. The first is that 90% of librarians look alike. I keep thinking I see people I know, but it turns out it's just someone who looks exactly like them. It's kind of eerie. When walking down the street, I play "spot the librarian." They're easy to pick out of a crowd - heavily Caucasian, primarily middle-aged, with sensible shoes and easy care hair.

The second conclusion I've come to is that these eminently respectable-looking women and (few) men can drink more alcohol than any other group I've ever encountered. It's awe-inspiring, really, to watch a frail-looking older lady in a sweater with a kitty cat on it down pretty much an entire bottle of wine in approximately 12.7 seconds.

Of course, I'm doing more at ALA than watching people imbibe their body weight in alcohol. I've attended workshops, visited the exhibit hall, and met a bunch of really cool people. More on my experiences will follow, plus more tales from my library. I've really been neglecting this blog shamefully, and my goal is to begin updating at least twice per week. Let's see how long my good intentions can last.....


Geekette08 said...

I'm really hoping you get going on your goal, because this just became my new favorite blog. You are hilarious!

Snarky Librarian said...

Thank you! I'm working to overcome my tendency toward procrastination and post more frequently.