Monday, August 13, 2007

Overheard Conversations 2: Electric Boogaloo

One of the things adults often complain about with teenagers is that teens tend to carry on conversations at the level of a shout. Personally, I love that about teens, because it allows me to overhear some incredibly entertaining conversations. Some of the conversations leave me highly amused, others leave me really wanting to know more, and more leave me deeply confused.

Girl: I don't think I could do that for money.
Guy: So what would you do it for?
Girl: Just, like, the glory.

Boy (to friends): Let's go over by the bathroom and get high!
Me: I can hear you.
Boy (in whisper): Let's go over to the bathroom and get high!
Me: (calls security)

Girl: I need something to read. You got any ideas?
Girl's Friend: You in a library!
Girl: So? You think they got any movies?

Girl: Where'd he get a goat, anyway? I mean, who has a goat? Do you just, like, walk into a farm and ask for a goat?

Sweet-looking fourteen-year-old girl: Do you ever think about how many ways you could kill somebody?

Guy # 1: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
Guy # 2: I'd want to read minds. What about you?
Guy # 1: I'd want to be a robot.
Guy # 2: How is being a robot - never mind.

Girl # 1: So then I was like, 'no!' and he was like 'you know?' and I was like 'no!' You know what I mean?
Girl # 2: Totally.

Guy: What are you doing this weekend?
Girl # 1: I dunno. Probably washing the rabbit.
Girl # 2: Is that, like, a euphemism for masturbation?


Woeful said...

LOL... "Washing the rabbit." Points for proper usage of the word "euphemism."

Snarky Librarian said...

That last conversation was between TAB members. Girl # 1 actually owns a bunny, but "washing the rabbit" has now entered the TAB collective vocabulary.

jeremy said...

I may have been that person with the robot superpower.

ml said...

I just got promoted to Young Adult Librarian at my library. I'm definitely going to be reading your blog from now on. I can't wait to have some stories like this to tell!

Olive said...

The superpower conversations are always the best. I overheard one recently in my bookstore between two of my regulars. They're two teenaged geniuses so their conversations are always hysterical. One asked the other what superpower he would like to have. This kid says, "The ability to relate to people on a personal level without terror or shame."