Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cast of Characters

Meet the strange and wonderful folks who work with the Snarky Librarian. Right now I'm using initials to identify them; but I may come up with fun nicknames later.

J - My assistant. J is an artist who hasn't decided what she wants to do with her life; in the mean time she's beautifying the teen area with her fabulous displays and decorations.

KS - Another staff member who splits her time between the teen area and the Children's department.

KL - Currently works only on Saturdays as he is student teaching, so you probably won't hear much about him.

A - Nearly 18, A has served as a volunteer and staff person for nearly 5 years. She's graduating this year, filling me with both joy for her and sadness for me.

C - Another teen staffer who has served as volunteer and staff member for 5 years. He is the current co-president of the teen advisory board (TAB) as well as working in the teen department.

E - Serves as co-president of TAB along with C. Highly intelligent and deeply strange, he is often misunderstood when his goofiness is mistaken for lack of responsibility and immaturity.

P - The head of youth services, and thus my boss. She has worked in library-land for over 30 years.

This list will almost certainly get added to, but these 7 people are the ones who spend nearly all of their time at the library and therefore interact with me, our customers, and each other the most often.

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