Monday, February 26, 2007

This Was My Day

This was my day: escorting 14 different people out of the building, one call to the police, five teens calling me a "fucking bitch," two threats from patrons that they would be "waiting for me later," one fight, and three almost fights.

This was also my day: helping a 14-year-old get his first library card. I had to read most of the questions on the library card application to him, as his literacy level was low. Once I handed him his card, his entire face lit up. We then went up to the 2nd floor to find books on dragons. We had a nice talk, and at the end of our transaction he said "Thank you so much! Thank you for today!"

I think I had a good day after all.

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Woeful said...

Welcome to the party. I had a helluva day myself...